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BONZOI.com is a collaborative web platform for publishing interactive content like books and magazines! BONZOI requires more funding to better its mobile application that is currently available on iOS and Android. We believe that BONZOI will change the world of publishing forever. It has a flagship feature which allows users to edit this interactive publications at the click of a button, adding photos and animations to overlay the already interactive publication. On BONZOI, you can take your finger and swipe to turn the pages of a book giving the real nostalgia of reading and writing how it used to be. Something about referring to content on a page and a line gives every user in the world the ease of referencing back with a feature that also allows leaving socially traced tags such as "favorite"-ing a particular page or line. Another feature, reminiscent of subscription tabs in magazines is a feature we call Digital Glue, which allows overlaying animations and subscription tabs with all kinds of fantastic settings to make reading super interactive! Users can upload photographs or illustrations for  We didn't stop there of course. We created the Thought Space, because Authors need a place to save thoughts, and use them later in a publication. All of these features are trademarked and USPTO patent pending.
If you want to create an interactive publication, you use the "Bragbooks Author".  "Blinkroom" is a world-wide arena to connect all the users together and to interchange ideas, especially guidance and advice on the next great publication
When you create new BragBooks, you have the option to make it public, private, and even highlight it as a hard cover. The printing function is currently in BETA and can be tested on personal request.
Nope! The auto-save function does it for you and keeps it safe in the cloud which can be accessed anywhere in the world via public URL www.bonzoi.com
Yes, only until you send them to the Blinkroom or incorporate them into your public BragBooks. Otherwise, they are forever yours in privacy.
The app can be downloaded through Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile.
Yes, you can add and edit chapters, as well as sections to any BragBook after it has been published. Simply open the BragBook from BragBooks Author or from your Dashboard and select “Un-Publish”. You can then make your changes or additions and then simply click Publish once again. You don’t lose any statistics or placing on BONZOI because of this process.
Currently, editing Bragbooks can only be done via www.bonzoi.com . You can view Bragbooks on the mobile app but they have to be created first on the web app. BONZOI just released a desktop app for Mac OS X and is currently working on releasing the same for mobile.
Not only do you have a full built-in WSIWYG text editor, but you can upload all your favorite artwork/pictures via DigiGLU digital graphics marketplace and insert them into your Bragbooks. Writing a book on your own terms has never been easier.

Here are some more common questions…

Bonzoi is 100% Free to use and allows every user to make Money for their hard work creating original content!
Founder of Bonzoi
Bonzoi does not require any software or hardware. Bonzoi just requires you to update your Microsoft Silverlight plug-in.
Founder of Bonzoi
Microsoft Silverlight is an interactive plug-in by Microsoft. Bonzoi, like Netflix, utilizes Microsoft Silverlight to enhance your experience of the web.
Support @ Bonzoi
Add an Author by going to the Author's Page from the Find menu and Add them as an Author
Support @ Bonzoi
Yes, Go to "Bragbook's Author" and select the "Authors" tab to select and de-select collaborating members. Then, Add an Author by going to the Author's Page from the Find menu and Add them as an Author
Support @ Bonzoi
You're in luck because not only can you invite members to help fill in parts of the essay to make it a less daunting task, you can skim through some authors' works to find inspiration to complete your assignment. Being able to peer review and revise each other’s papers is nice too.
Support @ Bonzoi
You can simply submit a blink via the BLINKROOM. Also, the BONZOI Tree in MY BONZOI section is very useful, you can add any user as a collaborating author, be their fan/agent and even funding publisher!
Support @ Bonzoi
This is how it works narrowed down: If you want to create a literary piece, use the "BragBooks Author". "TheBLINKROOM" acts as a world-wide threaded forum to connect all the users together and to interchange ideas, especially guidance.
Sevag @ Bonzoi
When you create new BragBooks, you have the option to make it public or private. With the same token, you can make the books or publications hard cover or soft cover. We are currently working with a printing house that features several German Heidelberg Presses which will be printing your fabulous creations! Stay tuned for more updates on the live printing feature!
Support @ Bonzoi